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Company Instructio   YEOU GUANG INDUSRIAL CO., LTD.
Year of Foundation   April,1978
Business items   Household Hardware、Building Hardware
Agricultural Machine Parts & Components Machine Parts and Components
The Processing and Manufacturing of Auto and Motorcycle Parts
Electronic Metal Sheeting
Formation, Soldering, Coating, Surface treatment and Related Business for Pipes, Metal Bars and Metal Sheeting.
Factory Area   4000m2
Building Area   8264m2
Employees   85

No. 1, Chia-Tai Road,
Chia-Tai Industrial Park, Tai-Pau City,
Chia-Yi Hsien, Taiwan, R. O. C.

TEL:886 5 2372866
FAX:886 5 2372869

1978   The company is situated at Chia-Tai Industrial Park, Tai-Pau City ,Chia-Yi County, specialized in manufacturing the plate for agricultural machines, components of diesel engine, such as oil tank, cover of water tank, air filter and muffler.
1980   The company had been evaluated by the YANMAR as an excellent cooperative factory, and has received the advanced rise and the guide of management and technique.

Purchased a series of automatic machines from Japan in order to improve automated and standardized production.

1986   The company had ever signed the contracts of OEM factory in Taiwan with ISHIKAWAJIMA-SHIBAURA MACHINERY CO LTD., , KOMATSU CO., LTD. At the same time, the company had also developed the industrial hand-truck for exporting to American, European, and Japanese markets.
1996   The company had reformed and expanded the factory layout and construction.
2000   The company developed a series of Portable Fuel Tanks.
2004   Expand processing capability and capacity Transformed to technique-intensive and diverse-small quantity production style.
2010   New metalwork punching equipment and automatic powder coating equipment are purchased to alleviate the production efficiency and quality. Further, dimensional type of warehousing is also expanded to improve the management efficiency.
2018   Press equipment are updated to enhance operation safety. Further, design and development abilities are improved for meeting customer's requirement.

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